The Epic Win of Like-ness

So we’ve all been there. The smiles, the ‘look-aways’ the awkward stares, we’ve studied every single manuscript known to man (or woman) about how to impress him/her how to go out with him/her, how to act around him/her. We know this. And yet conversations usually start:

Jenna: Hello Jim!

Jim: Your Eyes look like Jesus

Right. So here’s where we start off:

Epic Fail

And maybe we end off here:

So how does this happen? How do we get from strange stick figures about the the American economy that Americans don’t care about to the scary man-woman who will now scar my dreams with his (her?) man-school girl-ish-ness? Maybe more importantly, how do we get to this place of ultimate couple’s happiness, starting off from an awkward stare? Someone has to figure it out. So for those of you who are still here, I’ll try to figure out The Truth About Like. Starting with my Day 1 of couple-ship.

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